This is a project which was inspired by my late grandfather’s role in World War II where he was involved in many bombing raids over Nazi Germany. He was involved in numerous missions, but one mission in particular would take him to the very heart of Berlin where his squadron was tasked with the bombing of Hitler’s Chancellory. Every crew member aboard a Wellington Bomber put themselves in extreme danger every time they headed out on a mission, but the highest risk was posed by the gunner at the back of the plane. With an average survival rate of just 45 minutes the chance of an air gunner living through one mission was very low, and the chance of surviving the entire war was so limited that only a few men where able to live to tell the tale.

Having told the story of my grandfather’s extreme courage to the team at Orchard we thought it was only fitting that we use our VFX skills to try and reimagine what these people went through and the extreme conditions of which they had to did it in. We did our research and through the power of the internet were able to find the original blueprints for a Vickers Wellington Bomber, our expert team at Orchard then meticulously studied the plans and skilfully translated them into a 3D scale model of the war plane.

Once the model was complete the next stage was to plan an animation sequence that would really show off the beauty of this aircraft. We wanted to create a sequence that would encapsulate the drama of the war from a reminiscent stand point, something that would really focus on the plane itself and create an essence of what it had been through. The main idea behind this trailer was to not reveal the bomber in it’s entirety until the very end and to build intrigue by showing choice parts of the plane. By using low lighting we were able to present the plane in a very abstract way, using light to pick out the edges of the machinery creating a series of striking and mysterious images that pull the viewer in and add intrigue.

To add drama to the trailer we wanted use a sound track that would give a further depth to the imagery; audio that would paint a picture in the viewers mind and really bring it to life. Our sound department lead by our good friend Alex Hubbard was able to track down a wide range of original recordings from the war, ranging from gun fire to radio chatter from actual bombing raids. By accompanying the solitary plane in it’s hangar with the authentic sounds of times gone by we have been able to create a sequence that conjures imagery that leaves the screen and further enriches the viewers imagination.

I’m very proud of this piece and really hope you enjoy the results!