This project was commissioned by BP to help explain the vast contribution the company makes to the UK. Working as creative director on the job at Orchard, myself and the rest of team took the project all the way from the development stage to final delivery. Along with the animated video were also tasked with creating online adverts for The Times, The FT and The Wall Street Journal to accompany the campaign (see below).

Online Adverts

Here is an extract I wrote about the campaign from Orchard’s website:

“This was a huge creative challenge for us and we wanted to take the design in a completely new direction from previous BP projects. We still wanted it to be instantly recognisable as a BP creative, but far more engaging and detailed than we have been able to achieve before. We painstakingly recreated all the old 2D assets we had in 3D, and then created custom isometric cameras and render set ups. Although this was extremely time consuming at the start, it makes any further projects far easier to create and sets the look apart from the old 2D style whilst still retaining enough familiarity for the viewer. We always approach a creative from BP with the knowledge they are willing to let us try out a few options before we all settle on a creative we are happy with. I think the final look of graphics will fit across all mediums and is testament to the work of the team and what we have been able to create. Going forward we would hope to further develop the style, in time we would hope viewing even a frame of any animation or ad would bring instant visual recognition.”