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2D and 3D motion graphics are a great way to sell a product or explain a complex process in a clear and streamlined way. There are endless techniques that can be used to create a motion graphics sequence, and countless styles that they can be presented in. Knowing the right approach to take on a motion graphics project is a combination of researching the subject matter and working with the client so that the piece can be as clear and concise as possible. Clear communication and a solid idea are fundamental to getting across the right information to the viewer, being creative is only half of the process and it is important to ensure the purpose of the piece is honoured and complimented throughout.

Having worked in this industry for over 10 years I have worked on a wide variety of motion graphic projects, with numerous clients each with different tastes and demands. This experience has given me the ability to get to the root of what a client wants and develop a process which ensures that myself and client can control the creative of a job in unison. Every project is different so this process has to be tailored each time, but when the right balance is struck this enables for a smooth creative process and happy client.

Here are a selection of commissioned motion graphics sequences I created using a mixture of After Effects and Cinema 4D.